Website care plans

Stop worrying about your website! We monitor and update your website so you can focus on growing your business.

You've invested a lot into your website and it's important that you keep it backed up, maintained and secure.

Your website is a lot like a car, with so much invested into it, it needs regular maintenance and care to ensure it runs smoothly. Our website care plans give you piece of mind, keeping your site up-to-date, backed up and secure.

Updates are critical to the health and longevity of your website, the easiest way to keep your site secure is to keep it updated, ensuring the latest and most up-to-date elements and versions are in place.

Nobody wants to spend hours learning how to back up a website, deal with a hacked website or figure out why a website is down or not working properly.

Save yourself the time and the heartache. Far too many website owners rely on their websites to just keep performing until it's too late. Many of these owners come to us for help when it all turns sour and the time and effort required to get them back up and running is not a small task.

Websites may lose important valuable information or have their content changed by an unknown source, greeting your clients with pages that redirect and misinform them, potentially damaging your sites reputation. In a nutshell, it's far more cost effective to maintain a working website than it is to fix a broken one.

Stay on top of your website, let us do all the maintenance required to keep your website humming along like a well oiled machine. Your site will be fast, backed up and up-to-date.

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