Logo design

All of our logos are hand crafted in-house, by our talented designers.

Anyone can create a 'nice' logo but we prefer to create memorable brands. Well designed logos have power. Line affects mood, colours send signals and shapes express safety, trust or even authority.

The right design choices elevate your brand and connect you to your audience. Our designers creatively shape and reinvent custom logos from scratch.

A logo will come to symbolize your company more than anything else. We can craft a sophisticated logo design, researching, communicating and evaluating your business and budget.

Designing a logo is a multi-step process that will involve research, brainstorming, sketches and several design concepts. That's why our logo packages can widely range in not only price - from relatively free to tens of thousands of dollars - but the amount of time and effort required to get the job done.

Do you require any graphic design services? From advertisements to thank-you cards through to annual reports and documentation and more, we can assist in designing these around your branding style.

Contact us today to discuss your logo requirements in more detail.

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