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ADSign continue a partnership spanning over 20 years with the Hamilton Spectator beginning in 1997 with one of Hamilton’s earliest websites Spec.com.au. ADSign has completed numerous tasks for the Spectator over this time from print to digitial, including the design and development of it’s website.

In 2010 ADSign embarked on a redesign of the companies website, developing a work brief that would welcome a fresh, new design and environment for it’s move to an EzyMedia website. This site was built from the ground up, ADSign designing the look and feel of the site, teaming with the EzyMedia team to produce the new WordPress environment.

ADSign were required to organise over thirteen thousand articles from outdated databases and programs, organising this into the new environment. The task was not an easy process, the result however were impressive.

ADSign completed a redesign of the same website in 2014, taking over the reigns as sole designer/developer for the company. The redesign was called for in line with company changes and content restrictions. ADSign continue to provide technical support to the Spectator on numerous tasks.

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