Woolly West Fest

The largest community arts project in Victoria

The festival draws on the region’s most famous natural resource – wool – and showcases its creative potential with a broad range of community art projects. Believed to be the largest (geographically speaking) community arts project in Victoria and possibly even Australia, the Woolly West Fest unites ten towns from across the Shire of Southern Grampians (in a competitive kind of way) in a single two-week celebration of wool and early childhood literacy.

Woolly West Founders, Naomi Turner and Jacinta Wareham approached ADSign to complete a brand new logo, business cards, postcard and a website.

The style and design of the logo details exactly what Woolly West Fest is all about, showcasing a ball of wool together with a child reading a book using slogan: Knit one – read one! The website compliments the branding with a simple, yet effective white and grey colour scheme, allowing the beautiful, colourful woolly pictures pop out on the page.

The site is user friendly, easy to navigate, visible on all devices and efficiently administered by Naomi and Jacinta who constantly update with news and blog posts. Such posts can also be linked with social media sites, generating more traffic back to their website.

Completed 2016
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