Glenelg Hopkins CMA

Working to achieve sustainable use of land and water resources

Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority is a dynamic organisation, partnering with the community to achieve sustainable use of our land and water resources.

Their focus is on protecting, maintaining and improving the region’s land, water and biodiversity for the community.

The Glenelg Hopkins region lies south of the Great Dividing Range in Victoria’s south west. The region is renowned for its scenic beauty, dramatic coastline and rich biodiversity.

It covers approximately 26,000 sq km, extending from Ballarat in the east to the South Australian border in the west, and from the southern coast of Victoria to the townships of Harrow and Ararat in the north.

ADSign has worked closely with the Glenelg Hopkins for many years, beginning with the development of a research and development database to be used on the company’s intranet structure.

Throughout the years ADSign have completed print, posters and brochure material for presentations, together with the production of video and general mapping projects.

Completed 2004
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