Deloraine Downs

Deloraine Downs Poll Dorset Stud

Well known within the South West region, Ian and Hazel Sutherland from Deloraine Downs Poll Dorset Stud were looking to freshen up their business with a branding and website refresh.

Deloraine Downs is located in the undulating hills of Konongwootong just north of Coleraine on the Coleraine Edenhope Road. The stud comprises of 400 specially selected poll dorset ewes that produce around 700 progeny annually, allowing them to class to a very high standard when selecting their rams for sale, also enabling them to select only the best ewes for breeding.

After consulting the ADSign team on what would work best for their business, Ian and Hazel chose to refresh their logo and website with a fresh, modern design and style whilst keeping the ‘less is more’ approach, allowing their brand and content to stand out effectively.

The website features a modern design with a crisp blue and white color scheme. It is informative yet easy for any user to navigate around. The branding itself is unique, and well recognized by their targeted audience. Most importantly, it is responsive to all mobile devices, allowing anyone to access it whether it be on their mobile, laptop or PC.

Completed 2015
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