Website maintenance tip: W3C link checker

10 April 2015

Broken links can be classified as any link that tries to connect with websites and pages no longer available or with an incorrect path or page that never existed before.

Broken links in a website can give a poor impression to a web visitors and if you are a business, this can be especially bad. Since a large part of the business world these days revolves around online marketing and advertising, customers will second guess a company that cannot properly maintain a website.

Besides this point, broken links are also said to hurt your search engine optimisation (SEO) results because search engines may stop crawling your website if they find broken links.

Because of this, indexing certain pages on your website may not happen or it may take a very long time!

The W3C link checker is the perfect tool for checking broken links. As a good rule of thumb, link checks should be processed periodically in order to ensure your website is in full working order.

With this handy website, all you need to do is type in the URL for the website and let the link checker do the rest.

After a few minutes you'll be presented with a report displaying a list of any broken links or anchor points in your website. By correcting the errors listed, you can help keep your website at a quality level, thus protecting your web presence and SEO standing.

Check out the link checker here.

Website maintenance tip: W3C link checker
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