Our Process

Talent, flexibility, business sense, skill and lots and lots of imagination

AdSign built well crafted designs, embracing details, intentionality and standards. We ask the right questions, solving real problems and producing real results.

Your design should honor the content, communicating the message and providing function. The design should complement the message and never obstruct users from it. Ultimately the measure of the design should be in the quality of the build, not the dimensions.

The design process to achieve awesome results

The process for every project can differ greatly, at AdSign we generally follow the ‘Five D’s’. Discover, design, develop, deliver and debrief.

When you work with us, we are all about getting stuck in and immersed into the job. We are motivated by design and just sell you stuff that isn’t required. We get on with creating awesome, innovative solutions that get you the results you are looking for.

We want to help you achieve results that you’ll be proud to show off to the world, and we do this by being upfront and collaborative.

We consult, provide direction to you, educate your team and implement beautiful designs and applications. If we sound like the kind of crowd you would like to work with, contact AdSign.

The 5 D’s


Develop a thorough understanding of the project, audience and objectives to formulate a digital strategy.
Once you accept our proposal, we meet with you to understand your business and provide practical solutions. New designs and re-designs start by understanding your business, goals, customers, brand strategy, user research, existing material and how we can best incorporate this into a new design strategy. Prior to the discovery phase, you are required to sign a contract and make payment of the first of three payments. This formalises approval and acceptance of the proposal, allowing us to commence your project.


Craft a purposeful design to reflect the objectives and indicate the direction for the entire project.
With a clearly defined plan, our skilled team create the blueprint for your site, generally sketching out frameworks and ensuring we meet every part of your brief. We then produce a conceptual, visual wireframe/skeleton of the site. These designs are presented to you in a format that allows for revision and alteration or approval. If all this is acceptable, the concept is approved and it’s full steam ahead into the development stage. Occasionally it’s back to the drawing board where we make adjustments to suit before moving forward.


Incorporate implementation and technical components into a highly functional system, ready for review.
The development phase is initiated after the second of three payments is paid, allowing us to hand over you design to the development team. We then create a functional beta design for the print or multimedia format as required. Websites are brought into a web browser and suitable content management system, where complex CSS production is introduced. Our engineers and developers iron out any creases while testing the functionality of the site in. Print media designs are brought to life in a digital format, allowing the client to experience the completed artwork prior to printing. During the development phase, digital proofs are supplied, allowing for review and alteration of material. Once the development is complete, it’s off to the delivery phase.


Review, refine, test and prepare the final product for delivery, launch and continue to evolve over time.
We take everything from the development team and ensure if it’s a website that it’s all ready to go live, of that the print job is ready to be sent to the printers. Before we can commence the delivery phase we require the final payment for the job. Once we have received your final payment, the site or print material is then released to you with any related access information. In the delivery phase, we ensure all websites are responsive on mobile devices and operate as they should in all current versions of the major browsers. All printed material is provided in PDF print-ready format, ready to go to the printer of your choice. Alternatively, we can offer printed jobs at great prices.


After delivery of your website or supplied printed material, we sit down with you, talk on the phone or via Skype.
We zip through a survey to ensure that the design has met the requirements and is performing in the way you envisaged. For websites we provide on-the-spot training and continue to provide support as required. The time directly after a website is delivered is as important as the build. The internet moves and technology evolves and we like to revisit the project online to see what we have learnt, looking at ways to improve and introduce new technology or ideas that might help your grow.